Tecnotree Secures Top Position, honored as a Global Leader in Revenue Management by Precision Reports

Tecnotree, a global digital platform and services leader for AI, 5G, and pall-native technologies, has been honored as one of the top two companies in profit operation encyclopedically, by ‘ Precision Reports- Global Telecom Billing and profit request ’. Tecnotree has garnered recognition as one of the largest providers of Telecom Billing and profit operation results worldwide. The acknowledgment comes from this rearmost comprehensive report, which presents a thorough and perceptive analysis of the global Telecom Billing and profit request, assessing the request grounded on the top players, their request share, and unborn growth by 2029.

Tecnotree has secured the top position among other major telecom leaders in the report, which provides an in- depth analysis of the request, grounded on its parts, similar as bit, operation, end- use, and significant indigenous presence. The study focuses on telecom billing and profit in the global request, with a particular emphasis on North America, Europe, Asia- Pacific, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. With the adding trend of CAPEX( Capital expenditures) due to modernization enterprise, CSPs need new profit monetization capabilities including 5G Services similar as EMBB( Enhanced Mobile Broadband), and URLLC(Ultra-Reliable and Low quiescence Dispatches) with network slicing capabilities, and pack services through mate ecosystems and channels. In discrepancy to 2022, the Telecom Billing and profit request is read to grow CAGR( emulsion Annual Growth Rate) during 2022- 2029, with a projected request value of multimillion USD.

Tecnotree 5G ready profit operation and monetization results enable CSPs to manage their profit operation, including standing, charging, billing, payments, collections, profit assurance, and fraud operation. Tecnotree’s crucial investments in the areas of pall- grounded B2B2X ecosystem through Tecnotree Moments, its SaaS immolations that are compatible with the big three shadows( Azure, AWS, GCP), along with its Fintech growth through the DiWa platform, have led to this recognition.

Tecnotree Digital Convergent Billing & Charging is a unified profit operation result that can help in consolidating colorful business means and transfigure them into applicable factors for developing new business models, offering a variety of services. Tecnotree profit operation result is an each- by- one coincident platform designed to meet all the profit operation conditions of a ultramodern CSP, including telco services similar as Voice, Data for mobile and fixed- line business, and coming- generation 5G, IoT services. The result is uniquely deposited to support 5G immolations including network slicing, in a distributed pall computing network- grounded deployment model including distribution of workloads at the edge for better client experience. Tecnotree Digital Revenue Management result provides real- time charging capabilities, icing accurate billing with interactive presentment options for new age digital channels, with a wide range of flexible payment options including traditional styles as well as digital holdalls

As a core design principle, Tecnotree products including Digital Revenue Management results are driven by assiduity norms specifically TM forum and 3GPP norms. The profit operation result supports TMF reality specifications related to Account, Bill, Balance, operation Consumption, and Payment operation. As 5G norms evolve our charging services support Release 16 support for CHF/ CCS function, farther continuously is being evolved to 3GPP Release 17 norms.

Tecnotree Digital Revenue Management result factors are erected with dynamic decisioning capability which integrates multiple confines similar as stoner profile, geste
, service type, business condition, etc. This enables CCS and billing systems to apply dynamic time-critical opinions which bearultra-speed decisioning capability to ameliorate stoner experience. A many exemplifications similar dynamic share for the reservation of chargeable units grounded on stoner profile, geste
, and pattern( a teenage stoner watching a videotape streaming service at a specific time of the day shall be enabled with a dynamic share for his specific operation learned from analogous data).

To develop creative strategies for service monetization, Tecnotree assists CSPs in keeping an intertwined perspective of all services that guests subscribe to and use. Tecnotree profit operation result also supports profit sharing and agreement models across multiple B2B2BX realities. This enables CSPs to realize new profit models by speeding mate services and sharing profit in real- time across mates.

Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree Corporation, said, “ We ’re incredibly proud of this recognition since we’ve worked lifelessly to bring the stylish profit operation capabilities to our guests. Our digital coincident billing and charging platforms are 5G ready and serve enhanced mobile broadband, charge-critical dispatches, and the massive IoT. A defining capability of our platform and its configurability is that it’s designed for forward comity — the capability to flexibly support unborn services that are unknown moment.

The unequaled inflexibility of our platforms gives CSPs control of how they separate in the request, increase profit, reduce functional costs, and enhance client experience through AI- powered hyperactive- personalization. We believe Tecnotree’s addition among the top companies further validates our unvarying commitment to delivering innovative results that empower our mates in managing and maximizing their earnings. ”

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