Rogers Teams Up with CableLabs for Cutting-Edge Canadian Network Tech

Rogers Communications has unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with CableLabs, aiming to usher in cutting-edge technology for Canadians.

Set within Rogers’ Barlow campus in Calgary, CableLabs will establish its presence in Canada with “CableLabs North,” a hub for fostering expertise and innovation. This initiative will unite global industry partners with Rogers’ technologists to co-create network technology solutions. The combined effort will drive the development of innovative applications and ensure seamless connectivity for customers both at home and in the workplace.

Ron McKenzie, Rogers’ Chief Technology and Information Officer, expressed pride in investing in research to bring advanced network capabilities to Canadians. He emphasized the significance of CableLabs North as a platform for innovation, gathering top talents worldwide to shape the future of network technology and enhance the user experience for Canadians.

Among the key objectives of CableLabs North is the advancement of 5G technology utilizing cable network infrastructure, promising faster speeds and greater capacity for customers. Rogers is also committed to deploying 10G technology, heralding a future of cable internet with multi-gigabit speeds, enhanced reliability, and ultra-low latency.

Mark Bridges, Chief Technology Officer at CableLabs, underscored the importance of the collaboration with Rogers in establishing CableLabs North, highlighting the transformative potential it holds for the industry.

For over three decades, CableLabs has been at the forefront of research and development, fostering collaboration among industry leaders to drive the evolution of network standards and technology. With a track record of over 800 patents, CableLabs has played a pivotal role in delivering faster speeds and improved reliability on cable networks, aligning with consumers’ ever-changing needs.

Today’s announcement reaffirms Rogers’ commitment to bringing global innovation and superior networks to Canadians. Following its merger with Shaw last year, Rogers has consolidated Canada’s largest 5G network with a coast-to-coast wireline company, extending fiber-powered internet to over 60% of Canadian households.

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