Solange Sobral and Alejandro Reynal join Telefónica’s Board of Directors

TelefónicaS.A. Board of Directors has moment approved byco-optation the movables of Solange Sobral and Alejandro Reynal as new directors of the Company, replacing Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain and Peter Erskine, independently, who have proffered their adoptions as directors in order to favour the renewal of the Board and as their terms of office are coming to an end. The new additions respond to the constant process of renewal and strengthening of our commercial governance system and with them Telefónica advances in the operation of the stylish public and transnational norms and recommendations, and is indeed ahead of the most demanding conditions in terms of gender diversity, effective equivalency and balanced representation of both relations and knowledge and chops, with a composition of the loftiest position and with the deep degree of knowledge needed by the disruptive digital period. With these reserves, the Board of Directors remains composed of 15 members, 40 per cent of whom are women, with a large maturity of independent directors.

As part of the ongoing hunt to optimise the effectiveness of the Board and rationalise the structure of its panels, Telefónica’s Board has also approved the reduction of the total number of panels from six to four, whose effective functioning will be carried out in a unified or coordinated manner and will be as follows the Sustainability and Quality Committee and the Regulation and Institutional Affairs Committee will be integrated into a single commission, which will be renamed the Sustainability and Regulation Committee. It has also been agreed to remove the Strategy and Innovation Committee, strengthening the strategic description and supervision function of the Board of Directors. The Nominating, Compensation and Commercial Governance Committee and the inspection and Control Committee will continue as ahead.

Solange Sobral has a degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Sao Carlos and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the State University of Campinas. She has further than 25 times of experience in the New York Stock Exchange- listed company CI&T, specialising in information technology and software development, where she’s a mate and Administrative Vice President of Operations. Grounded in London, she heads up CI&T UK and is responsible for expansion in Europe. She’s a specialist in strategic operations, digital metamorphosis edge and disruptive enterprise in the fiscal, technology and artificial sectors. Her deep understanding of the digital world is matched by her strong capabilities to apply effective business metamorphosis ecosystems that bring immediate, high- performance results to requests. Since 2022, she has also been a board member of the auto reimbursement mammoth Unidas and Telefónica BrasilS.A. Just a many days agone
, she was fete with the Women Tech Global award in the order of Technological Leadership.

Alejandro Reynal has been the President and CEO of Four Seasons, the world’s commanding luxury hospitality company, since 2022. Reynal has further than two decades of experience in the operation of large companies in the hospitality, tourism, and telecommunications diligence. Alejandro is championed by a first- class strategic vision and a strong commitment to values as crucial rudiments for his commercial leadership. His work experience spans major companies in the United States, Europe, and Latin America. Prior to his current position, he was President and CEO of Apple Leisure Group, which was acquired by Hyatt hospices Corporation. From 2011 to 2019 he was CEO of Atento, a client relationship operation and business process outsourcing services company also controlled by Telefónica. During his term, Atento passed a profound metamorphosis from a call centre company to a sophisticated, leading provider of client gests and results. Alejandro earned his bachelorette’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a MBA from the Harvard Business School.

The Board also unanimously thanked Juan Ignacio Cirac and Peter Erskine for their fidelity and for making a significant donation to Telefónica’s leadership and commitment to service and its charge to make a world that’s further mortal, connected and driven by people’s gift. Both have played a decisive part in the achievement of the company’s objects, in the creation of shareholder value and in furnishing excellent service to guests. Cirac and Erskine remain linked to the Telefónica Group. Cirac will assume the responsibility ofVice-Chairman of the Telefónica Tech Advisory Board, of which he was formerly a member, and will come a member of the Telefónica Innovación Digital Board. Erskine will continue as a director of Virgin Media 02.

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