T-Mobile Grows Ad Solutions with New Products & Partnerships

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) has just unveiled its latest expansion in the realm of advertising solutions at the IAB NewFronts event. Among the highlights of this expansion is the introduction of T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, featuring exclusive owned and operated inventory. This includes the deployment of an in-store Retail Media Network (RMN) across over 20,000 screens within T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile retail outlets nationwide. Additionally, T-Mobile offers mobile inventory through its T Life app, reaching a substantial base of over 7 million engaged customers. Furthermore, T-Mobile has partnered with Plex, a global streaming media company, to enhance its Connected TV (CTV) offerings for advertisers, aiming to innovate the connection between mobile and CTV platforms.

JP Colaco, SVP and Chief T-Ads Officer at T-Mobile, emphasized the company’s mission to excel in connecting customers to their world. He highlighted the unique opportunity of T-Mobile Advertising Solutions to drive the industry forward by delivering personalized, customer-centric advertising that fosters higher engagement and superior outcomes for marketers.

The current advertising landscape faces significant challenges, with consumers inundated by a barrage of ads, many of which are perceived as irrelevant. With the impending demise of cookies, the task of delivering targeted ads becomes even more formidable.

T-Mobile, as one of the nation’s major advertisers, recognizes these challenges and is well-positioned to address them with solutions designed by marketers, for marketers. The company aims to implement an omnichannel approach, wherein every screen and interaction becomes an opportunity for genuine brand-consumer connections.

T-Mobile’s multichannel offering enables advertisers to reach audiences across various platforms with relevant ads. Key features of this offering include:

  • The in-store RMN, providing advertisers with unprecedented access to over 20,000 screens in T-Mobile and Metro by T-Mobile retail locations nationwide.
  • Partnership with Plex to expand CTV reach, tapping into Plex’s user base of over 22 million monthly active users globally.
  • Exclusive access to T-Mobile Tuesdays, allowing brands to advertise through T-Mobile’s popular loyalty program via the T Life app, reaching over 7 million monthly T-Mobile customers.

T-Mobile’s Magenta Advertising Platform equips advertisers with tools to deliver targeted, relevant ads in a cookie-less environment. Leveraging privacy-safe, first-party data, the platform generates interest-based audience profiles, ensuring brand safety and customer trust. Customers maintain control over their data and can opt-out of targeted advertising through T-Mobile’s Privacy Dashboard.

The effectiveness of T-Mobile Advertising Solutions is already evident, with notable successes such as a food delivery app’s campaign achieving significant increases in brand consideration and app re-engagement. With T-Mobile’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, advertisers can expect continued success in reaching and engaging audiences across various channels.

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