Telefónica, IDEMIA, Quside Unveil Quantum-Safe IoT Connectivity

Telefónica, IDEMIA Secure Transactions, and Quside have announced a groundbreaking collaboration to launch Quantum-Safe connectivity for industrial IoT devices. This pioneering initiative marks a significant step forward in preparing for the impact of quantum computing on Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It introduces Quantum-safe SIM cards and Transport Layer Security (TLS), a cryptographic protocol facilitating deployment without necessitating hardware changes. Moreover, it incorporates advanced quantum randomness technology, enhancing connectivity security and computational efficiency.

The rapid advancement of quantum computing poses unprecedented security challenges for IoT devices, necessitating the development of quantum-resistant security measures tailored to the specific needs of IoT deployments.

These solutions are particularly valuable for industrial companies, especially those with long-term device deployments lasting 15 years or more, ensuring secure connections between IoT devices like smart meters and their operating systems.

The partnership between Telefónica, IDEMIA, and Quside establishes new benchmarks for security and resilience in IoT ecosystems, safeguarding both device infrastructure and data from potential quantum attacks.

In the future, these innovations will empower Telefónica to offer new cryptographic quantum security services to IoT developers via the GSMA Open Gateway platform, an industry initiative aimed at transforming networks into open platforms.

This project builds upon a longstanding collaboration between Telefónica and IDEMIA, which has already achieved significant milestones such as deploying the world’s first quantum-safe 5G SIM card in 2022 and utilizing biometrics for contactless access control.

As businesses and governments increasingly prioritize securing their IoT ecosystems, the market potential for quantum-safe technology is vast. Telefónica and its partners are at the forefront, shaping the sector’s trajectory for years to come.

Antonio Guzmán, Discovery Director at Telefónica Innovación Digital, emphasizes, “At Telefónica, we continuously evolve our vision of the future into reality. These quantum-safe developments will enable Telefónica and its customers to enjoy heightened security with simplified deployment, ensuring uninterrupted services and protection against advanced cyber threats throughout the device lifecycle.”

Fabien Jautard, EVP for Connectivity Services at IDEMIA Secure Transactions, adds, “IDEMIA Secure Transactions has long been committed to developing quantum-resistant technologies that safeguard society in the post-quantum era. Our partnership with Telefónica represents another milestone in secure communications. By innovating alongside Telefónica, IDEMIA Secure Transactions is shaping a safer digital future for consumers.”

Carlos Abellán, CEO, and Co-founder at Quside, echoes the sentiment, stating, “At Quside, we’re excited to collaborate with Telefónica and IDEMIA Secure Transactions on this quantum-safe connectivity initiative. This groundbreaking effort underscores our dedication and joint commitment to enhancing security for all connected devices, including industrial IoT, in the transition to quantum-resistant cryptography.”

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