Telkom Presents Reliable Connectivity at the 2023 FIFAU-17 World Cup Indonesia World event

The transnational scale football event, FIFAU-17 World Cup Indonesia 2023 will soon be held from 10 November to 2 December 2023. A aggregate of 24 countries will take part in the match which will take place at four large Indonesian colosseums, videlicet Si Jalak Harupat Stadium( Bandung), Manahan Stadium( Surakarta), Jakarta International Stadium( Jakarta), and Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium( Surabaya).

As a state- possessed company and the leading digital telco in Indonesia, PT Telkom Indonesia( Persero) Tbk( Telkom) also contributed to supporting the successful perpetration of this event by furnishing the stylish telecommunications network structure and services.

” It’s an honor for Telkom to be suitable to formerly again contribute to furnishing telecommunications network structure installations at transnational position events, especially at the FIFAU-17 World Cup event. Of course, Telkom is always committed to furnishing the stylish digital connectivity services so that original and foreign actors and observers can feel comfortable while sharing in this event.” This event is a instigation for Indonesia to gain world recognition for organizing football matches in the country,” said Director of Network & IT Solution Telkom, Herlan Wijanarko.

Telkom provides Digital Connectivity services in four colosseums with a total bandwidth of14.2 Gbps, conforming of Astinet with a capacity of3.4 Gbps in each colosseum and 600 Mbps in the FIFA Office, as well as a aggregate of 182 Wifi Access Points.

Telkomsel as a attachment of Telkom also provides the Telkomsel hyperactive 5G Network with the support of 47 5G BTS units that cover all colosseum areas and supporting locales for theU-17 World Cup. piecemeal from that, there’s also support for 97 4G/ LTE BTS units as well as optimization for further than 1,300 4G/ LTE BTS units, 2 COMBAT BTS units, and 28 EasyMacro BTS units.

All structure and services handed by TelkomGroup are prepared with excellent Capacity, Diversity and Cyber Security, including by furnishing network backup via transnational gateway structure via two different communication gateways, videlicet Batam and Manado. In addition, there’s support for two fiber optical backbone structure, videlicet the Indonesia Global Gateway and the Jember- Denpasar Cable System with a total capacity of 1,460 Gbps and peak business of 517 Gbps( 35). Telkom also provides Binary Homing Access structure in each colosseum with a capacity of 2 x 10 Gbps in each colosseum, and is equipped with cyber security supported by a DDoS Protection and Firewall system in each colosseum. In order to insure system redundancy of structure and supporting services as well as the readiness of all structure, TelkomGroup is carrying out a series of hail tests, both on the backbone, DEFA and lastmile side, the peak of which will be held on November 6.

Telkom Ensures Readiness of Telecommunications structure and Personnel

In order to insure the readiness and quality of digital telecommunications services during the medication and perpetration of the match, Telkom held a TelkomGroup Task Force Kick Off for the 2023 FIFAU-17 World Cup Indonesia which was led directly by Telkom’s Network & IT Solution Director, Herlan Wijanarko, located at Witel, North Jakarta(6/11). This exertion also aims to review the readiness of network structure and field officers.

In his speech, Herlan said that Telkom had prepared all structure and services at four colosseums in Jakarta, Bandung, Surakarta and Surabaya.” Telkom will carry out a trial( final testing) to insure that all structure and services can serve and be used duly by all stakeholders.” Telkom has also prepared a post to guard services during the event,” said Herlan.

Telkom has prepared a TelkomGroup post which is on duty24/7 to oversee the smoothness and trustability of the telecommunications network during the event with further than 200 platoon members icing the quality of the telecommunications network handed. All members are spread across central, indigenous and functional posts at each colosseum.

Herlan hopes that the technicians can give optimal supervision and always insure that all services can be enjoyed by stakeholders including callers and media crew.

” In line with Telkom’s spirit in encouraging the creation of a better future for Indonesia, Telkom is committed to supporting the successful holding of the FIFAU-17 World Cup Indonesia 2023 world event through the quality and trustability of the telecommunications structure handed which is supported by largely able bents,” concluded Herlan.

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