Telkom Transformation Records profit of IDR111.2 Trillion and Net Profit Growth of Up to17.6 YoY

PT Telkom Indonesia( Persero) Tbk( Telkom) closed the third quarter of 2023 with relatively good performance and maintained profitability. The company recorded consolidated profit of IDR111.2 trillion or positive growth of2.2 YoY, which was contributed by the performance of the Data, Internet & IT Services and IndiHome businesses with growth of4.8 and4.3 independently from the same period last time. also.

The company’s EBITDA( Earnings before Interest, duty, deprecation and Amortization) was recorded at IDR59.1 trillion, with an EBITDA periphery of53.1, growing relatively well from52.2 in the first semester. The company also posted a net profit of IDR19.5 trillion with double number growth of17.6 YoY. The company’s marketing costs dropped by6.9 YoY to IDR2.6 trillion due to effective promotional strategies and targets.

The company’s metamorphosis way, Five Bold Moves, one of which is the Fixed Mobile Convergence( FMC) action through the integration of IndiHome with Telkomsel last July, are starting to show positive signals. Edge in both capital expenditure and functional expenditure have begun to be enforced and are projected to show good results as planned by the company. Likewise with the community value from IndiHome and Telkomsel which has been precisely prepared. It’s hoped that as the process and time continue, the eventuality for adding profit from the community between the two can show results starting beforehand coming time.

Meanwhile, in the B2B Digital IT Service action which focuses on the Business- to- Business( B2B) business member, Telkom launched Indibiz as a connectivity result equipped with digital platforms and services to meet the requirements of small and medium businesses or SMEs( SMEs). medium enterprises).

Telkom President Director, Ririek Adriansyah said,” Thank God, Telkom’s commitment to continuing to accelerate the metamorphosis steps through the FMC action is starting to show positive progress, in terms of community value and cost effectiveness. Five Bold Moves’ other main strategies are also on track, similar as InfraCo, Data Center, and B2B Digital IT Service. Of course, lesser results bear a process and time, but we’re auspicious that this metamorphosis step will give good affair for the company’s sustainability in the future.”

In the Mobile and Consumer parts, which include mobile and home broadband, Telkomsel recorded brilliant performance with profit of IDR73.2 trillion or growth of10.6 YoY and29.6 QoQ with profitability substantially supported by Digital Business growth of 7. 0 YoY with donation value adding from80.1 to86.1 of total profit for the same period last time.

From an functional perspective, Telkomsel continues to maintain its position as request leader with a aggregate of158.3 million mobile guests and9.8 million fixed broadband guests. Healthy ARPU growth with high telecommunications business in both mobile and fixed businesses shows an increase in productivity as well as the quality of Telkomsel guests which is also balanced by nonstop network extemporization and robotization

In the Enterprise member, the company posted profit of IDR14.6 trillion, which grew6.6 YoY, contributed by B2B Digital IT Services and Enterprise Connectivity results. Telkom continues to strengthen its capabilities in the pall business through strategic collaboration with global technology players, in addition to continuing to ameliorate the quality in furnishing digital results to guests. The Enterprise member also launched Indibiz which targets SMEs with colorful available results, similar as Indibiz Ruko, Indibiz Finance, Indibiz Education, and Indibiz Hotel. piecemeal from SMEs, Telkom also focuses on working on business eventuality in government, BUMN and private pots run by seven Regional Telkoms spread throughout Indonesia.

likewise, the Wholesale and International member recorded profit of IDR12.3 trillion or grew9.1 YoY, contributed by growth in the transnational noncommercial voice services business and digital structure business. In the data center business, TelkomGroup owns and manages 32 data centers spread across four countries( Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Timor Leste) with an average application of over to 70. The maturity of these data centers have league 3 and 4 groups with a total capacity of over to 42 MW. piecemeal from data centers, the company also focuses on pall services to meet guests’ colorful digital requirements. Until September 2023, TelkomGroup’s data center and pall business posted profit of IDR1.4 trillion.

In the telecommunications palace business, Mitratel is the largest palace provider in Southeast Asia in terms of palace power, which has 37,091 halls with a residency rate of1.5x. Mitratel recorded profit of IDR6.27 trillion or grew11.9 YoY, driven by palace rental income. EBITDA and net profit grew independently by14.8 and16.6 YoY with perimeters both perfecting at80.6 and22.8. From the functional side, the number of colocations and the number of tenants also increased by21.3 and10.5 YoY independently. In this period Mitratel posted decreasingly strong fiscal performance with a fairly low using rate, videlicet a net to debt EBITDA rate of1.9 x. This shows the company’s stability as well as unborn growth openings.

Following the perpetration of the FMC action, Telkom will also form InfraCo as a new reality in the fourth quarter of 2023. This reality is anticipated to be the company’s main motorist in adding company value by easing wide fiber penetration, furnishing dependable telecommunications services, and encouraging increased value creation for client.

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