TELUS: $17B Investment in BC for Innovation & Sustainability by 2028

TELUS has earmarked a whopping $17 billion for a major expansion and enhancement of its network infrastructure and operations throughout British Columbia over the next five years. This significant investment not only fosters innovation and growth but also strengthens local communities. It’s part of a broader commitment to inject $73 billion into Canada’s infrastructure by 2028, focusing on infrastructure development, sustainability, and technological advancements. These investments play a crucial role in linking British Columbians to vital resources, people, and information, underscoring TELUS’ steadfast dedication to advancing nationwide connectivity and technology.

Darren Entwistle, TELUS’ President and CEO, emphasized the pivotal role of a robust network in keeping British Columbians connected to what matters most in their lives. The $17 billion investment in network infrastructure, operations, and spectrum over the next five years, alongside the $73 billion commitment by 2028 across Canada, ensures customers continue to enjoy a world-class network experience. This investment facilitates significant changes in healthcare, education, remote work, environmental sustainability, and digital economies while bridging digital and socioeconomic gaps to empower every member of society.

TELUS leverages its leading-edge networks to drive productivity and foster positive innovations across various sectors such as healthcare, education, agriculture, climate change, energy, transportation, and social equity. Driven by compassion and powered by its dedicated team, TELUS remains committed to tackling contemporary challenges. Through industry-leading technology solutions and programs, TELUS aims to make a meaningful impact in British Columbia and beyond through 2028.

In British Columbia, TELUS is enhancing its networks to be faster, smarter, and greener. By leveraging ORAN technology, TELUS is fortifying its 5G network across the province, ensuring more reliable and faster connections while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Additionally, TELUS employs AI and advanced analytics to optimize infrastructure builds, doubling the number of new cell towers in 2024, thereby expanding coverage, particularly in areas like Burnaby, Surrey, Kelowna, and Vancouver, including rural areas along Highway 20 in collaboration with the CRTC. Over the past decade, TELUS has connected over 1.9 million homes and businesses in B.C. with its TELUS PureFibre network, including more than 280,000 in rural regions.

TELUS is also deeply involved in healthcare initiatives, notably through its TELUS Health for Good Mobile Clinics, which have served over 215,000 individuals in ten years, with over 77,000 patient visits in B.C. alone. Moreover, with initiatives like TELUS Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and TELUS Virtual Pharmacy, TELUS is revolutionizing healthcare access in British Columbia. Collaborating with the Island Health Authority, TELUS Health supports individuals living with eating disorders by providing free access to counseling, dietetics, psychology, and primary care support.

In the realm of sports, TELUS has become the premier partner and jersey sponsor of the Vancouver Whitecaps, engaging over 4,000 young individuals annually through programs like the Community Soccer Experience, which extends soccer opportunities to underserved areas across British Columbia. TELUS also supports national soccer development through partnerships with Canada Soccer and the Canadian Championship, promoting youth engagement and economic benefits through sports participation.

TELUS is committed to sustainability, aiming to use 100% renewable electricity by 2025. Through initiatives like device recycling, digital inclusion efforts, and tree planting programs like Shakti by TELUS, which aims to plant 5 million trees annually in Western Canada, TELUS strives for a more sustainable future. Moreover, TELUS partners with organizations like Ocean Wise to tackle environmental challenges such as beach clean-ups and marine habitat restoration.

During crises like wildfires, TELUS plays a vital role in community support, providing connectivity for first responders and affected individuals, crisis hotlines, comfort kits, and donations to critical organizations. TELUS is also committed to reconciliation efforts, doubling its commitment to the TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund and supporting Indigenous-led programs and initiatives aimed at addressing social, health, and community needs.

Overall, TELUS’ investments, partnerships, and initiatives underscore its commitment to technological advancement, community support, environmental stewardship, and reconciliation, making a positive impact on British Columbia and beyond.

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