Swisscom Sign: Streamlined Electronic Signing for Businesses

Starting immediately, startups, SMEs, associations, and foundations now have access to a customized Cockpit designed specifically for their needs within Swisscom Sign for electronic signatures. This streamlined online solution requires no integration process, offering instant usability. It aids organizations in efficiently managing their signature processes, streamlining administrative tasks. The Cockpit provides a quick overview of the current signature status and includes employee permissions management. Automated billing is facilitated through a centralized invoice receipt system.

Utilizing Swisscom Sign enables companies to digitally sign and transmit documents, eliminating the hassles associated with traditional postal exchanges and saving valuable time for all parties involved. Electronically signed documents can be digitally archived, ensuring legal compliance without the need for physical document scanning or storage systems. A simple one-time registration and identity verification process grants access to signing various contracts and documents securely and effortlessly, 24/7, from any location. Consequently, what used to take days to finalize now only requires minutes.

Swisscom Sign operates on the qualified electronic signature (QES), recognized under Swiss law as equivalent to a handwritten signature. This means that documents requiring handwritten signatures can now be electronically signed swiftly and conveniently using the My Swisscom app, including employment contracts, commercial register documents, and banking paperwork. Swisscom Sign fully complies with the rigorous regulatory standards of ZertES (Switzerland) and eIDAS (EU), ensuring that signatures issued by Swisscom meet legal requirements in the EU and Switzerland.

Data security and privacy are paramount with Swisscom Sign, as data is securely stored within Switzerland and automatically deleted after 30 days.

Originally launched for residential customers across Switzerland last autumn, Swisscom Sign is now also available for private individuals free of charge, as long as it’s not utilized for commercial purposes. For enterprise clients and software solution providers, Swisscom Sign offers an API for direct integration into existing systems as needed.

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