The TowerStar Awards: Celebrating Excellence at American Tower

For more than two decades, American Tower has taken great pride in honoring the remarkable talent within its global workforce through the TowerStar Awards. These awards recognize both individuals and teams who consistently contribute to our collective success while embodying our Core Principles: Understanding and fulfilling our customers’ needs, empowering and hiring excellent people, focusing on solutions rather than problems, honoring commitments, enjoying what we do, and striving for victory. These principles serve as the bedrock of our organizational culture, shaping our work ethic, and fostering mutual accountability among our team members.

What sets the TowerStar Awards apart is their inclusivity, as every member of the American Tower community has the opportunity to nominate their peers. In 2024, the enthusiasm for recognizing excellence was palpable, with over 2,300 nominations submitted by team members. Each year, our TowerStar recipients are invited to our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, where they come together to celebrate their accomplishments, engage with other leaders, and partake in a special dinner alongside our Board of Directors and Executive Leadership Team.

At American Tower, our shared success is fundamentally driven by our people. Our local teams worldwide understand that collaboration and the sharing of best practices are essential for delivering top-notch support to our customers across all our sites. The customer and employee experiences are intertwined, and both thrive in a culture that prioritizes teamwork and support.

The TowerStar Award winners of 2024 have left a lasting impact on American Tower through their significant contributions, ranging from enhancements in customer service to operational advancements. Some of their notable achievements include standardizing processes across multiple countries, spearheading projects like rural built-to-suit sites and innovative tower designs, enhancing network performance, implementing new systems and tools for more efficient data utilization, and relentlessly pursuing customer satisfaction. Equally noteworthy is the manner in which this work was accomplished—each TowerStar demonstrated collaboration, effective communication, and a strong sense of teamwork.

Congratulations to all the nominees and recipients of the TowerStar Awards this year, who are driving American Tower forward with their dedication and hard work. Through their efforts, we are actively contributing to the creation of a more connected world.

Here are the TowerStars of 2024:

  • Miguel Arias | Senior Director, Operations–Latin America (Bogota, Colombia)
  • Victoria DaPonte | Senior Manager, Accounting–U.S. Tower (Woburn, MA)
  • Kelsey Erenhouse | Director, Corporate Accounting–Corporate (Boston, MA)
  • Vinayak Mittal | Zonal Operations and Maintenance Lead–Asia-Pacific (Bihar, India)
  • Saman Nafkosch | Reporting Engineer–Europe (Munich, Germany)
  • Ibianga Nonju | Head of Commercial, Special Projects–Africa (Lagos, Nigeria)
  • Scott Oliver | Senior Manager, Network Operations Center–U.S. Tower (Cary, NC)
  • Ashley Petrash | Director, Billing Assurance and Lease Administration–CoreSite (Denver, CO)
  • Anisur Rahman | Head, Operations–Asia-Pacific (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
  • ATC South Africa Power-as-a-Service Core Team

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