Viasat Expanding In-Flight Connectivity on 40 More Korean Air Aircraf

Viasat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a renowned global leader in satellite communications, has been chosen to provide in-flight connectivity for an additional 40 aircraft operated by Korean Air, the national carrier of South Korea.

Expanding on the initial commitment made last year, Korean Air has now decided to equip 40 Boeing 787s with Viasat’s advanced connectivity solutions, following the earlier announcement of outfitting 30 Airbus A321Neos with Viasat connectivity. This move brings the total number of Korean Air’s aircraft benefiting from Viasat’s connectivity to 70, with all installations slated for completion by the end of 2027.

By integrating connectivity into its fleet, Korean Air is responding to the growing demand from passengers for enhanced connectivity while flying. Leveraging Viasat’s high-speed in-flight Wi-Fi, passengers will enjoy a plethora of online activities including browsing the internet, engaging with social media, streaming videos and music, online shopping, catching up on work, and more, all from the comfort of their seats.

Kenneth Chang, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Korean Air, emphasized the airline’s commitment to elevating the passenger experience, stating, “Our focus on enhancing passenger experience is crucial to our business – and adding more connectivity to our fleet will be a key step forward in achieving this. Bringing Viasat’s reliable, high-speed connectivity to more Korean Air flights means even more of our valued passengers will be able to benefit from exceptional Wi-Fi onboard.”

Don Buchman, Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Aviation at Viasat, expressed enthusiasm about extending the partnership with Korean Air, a globally recognized airline known for its excellence in service. He stated, “Korean Air is a world class airline, and we’re really pleased to be extending our relationship as they continue to innovate to meet passenger demand for quality in-flight connectivity. We know that passengers around the world want to be connected in-flight, and our robust satellite network brings the reliable connectivity that enables this. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Korean Air to leverage consistently fast, high-quality Wi-Fi to deliver distinct digital experiences to more of its passengers.”

Recent findings from Viasat’s 2023 Passenger Experience Survey underscore the importance of in-flight Wi-Fi for passengers, particularly in South Korea. A significant 81% of respondents from South Korea indicated that quality in-flight Wi-Fi would make them more likely to rebook with an airline, with 80% stating that Wi-Fi connectivity during flights is important to them. These statistics demonstrate the increasing demand for in-flight connectivity among passengers and highlight the pivotal role it plays in their overall travel experience.

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