ZTE brigades up with True to make Thailand’s first FTTR community

ZTE Corporation( 0763. HK/ 000063. SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology results, and True Corporation have banded to develop an assiduity- leading each- optic Wi- Fi result for the Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, in Thailand.
Thailand, a tropical country in Southeast Asia, boasts roughly14.27 million Fixed Broadband( FBB) druggies, achieving a ménage penetration of around58.96. specially, Fiber To The Home( FTTH) technology constitutes 95 of the FBB druggies. True Corporation, as Thailand’s largest fixed- network and videotape driver, is devoted to employing slice- edge technologies and furnishing charming service packages. This commitment aims to bolster request competitiveness and elevate stoner satisfaction.

Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, Thailand, stands as a high- end serviced- apartment- style community drafted by Wyndham hospices and Resorts. After times of operation, the network structure of accommodation faced fustiness, failing to feed to the evolving Wi- Fi operation demands of its guests. Feting the imperative for an upgraded result, True Corporation and ZTE Corporation banded during the refurbishment of the Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket. This cooperation redounded in the development of an assiduity- leading each- optic Wi- Fi result acclimatized to meet the specific requirements of the Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket.

Wi- Fi as a Pressing Pain Point for the Operation of Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket
With the wide relinquishment of smart home bias and the rapid-fire development of services like high- description videotape and gaming, the Very High- Speed Digital Subscriber Line( VDSL) 100 Mbps bandwidth access result used by Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket was no longer suitable to meet the high- speed Internet conditions of its guests.

The VDSL result involved participating one Wi- Fi gateway for every 2- 3 apartments, performing in poor Wi- Fi content and low bandwidth the factual bandwidth penetrated by guests was lower than 10 Mbps. Guests constantly reported Wi- Fi connectivity failures and unstable Wi- Fi connections, which degraded the stoner experience and harmed the decoration image of the hostel.

After astutely relating Wi- Fi as a pain point of Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, True Corporation worked with ZTE Corporation to hold conversations with the client about the rearmost Fiber To The Room( FTTR) each- optic networking result in the assiduity, which would deliver gigabit bandwidth to every room. The result gained high praise from Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket, and the three parties agreed to replace its being VDSL result with True Online’s broadband access service and ZTE’s FTTR result when Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket officially opening after the refurbishing. This would address the low bandwidth and poor Wi- Fi content in the guests apartments, furnishing guests with fast and stable Internet service, enhancing the guests ’ stay experience, and upgrading Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket’s high- end image.
FTTR All- Optical Networking result

Before the Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket design, True Online had formerly started large- scale deployment of binary- band Wi- Fi 6 Optical Network Outstations( ONTs) and snare Access Points( APs) to insure its competitiveness in bandwidth and content. To maintain its commanding position in the Thai driver request, True Online laboriously conducted FTTR network trials with ZTE Corporation and was veritably satisfied with the trial results. ZTE’s innovative FTTR result has a wide range of operations in traditional home scripts and enterprise settings similar as hospices and retail establishments. In light of the structure structure, the three parties decided to emplace one main ONT and 26 room ONTs on each bottom, icing that every room had an independent room ONT. The deployment locales of the FTTR bias were strictly named by ZTE masterminds to guarantee full Wi- Fi signal strength in every corner of the apartments. using the high- bandwidth capability of the FTTR bias, True Online handed 2 Gbps high- speed packages to boost the Internet experience and service satisfaction of guests significantly.

With the ZTE FTTR result, Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket achieved its thing of offering high bandwidth and decoration Wi- Fi. The stationed result has four highlight features

Gigabit- plus bandwidth and superfast services The result employs a combination of optic fiber and Wi- Fi 6 technology to remove the performance constraints of the traditional Ethernet string and help speed declination, icing smooth gaming, videotape streaming, and conferencing gests .

Full content and no dead zones Fiber extends from the information box to every room to apply whole- home Wi- Fi content. The high data rates and stronganti-interference capabilities of the result insure that every corner of the home enjoys full signal strength.

Smart roving and flawless handover An in- house smart roving algorithm enables millisecond- position inappreciable roving handover without dislocations as guests move about in the hostel structure.
Large space and multiple connections Each bottom has a full- content network comprising up to 26 Wi- Fi hotspots and connecting a outside of 256 smart bias.
Creating a New All- Optical Hotel Experience

True Online’s 2 Gbps bandwidth packages, coupled with ZTE’s FTTR result, have converted the Internet experience offered to guests at Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket. Wyndham Royal Lee Phuket has expressed great satisfaction with the deployment and plans to consolidate collaboration with True Corporation and ZTE Corporation to further enhance the network gests for its guests.

True Online’s FTTR service launched in Thailand has garnered significant assiduity attention due to its protean operations, marking it as a new growth area for the driver.
As the leader in Thailand’s FBB request, True Corporation is committed to strengthening its collaboration with ZTE Corporation in exploring new technologies and results, awaiting to bring the Thai people an indeed more dynamic and enriching digital life experience.

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