ZTE wins two awards at Manufacturing Asia Awards 2023

ZTE Corporation( 0763. HK/ 000063. SZ), a global leading provider of information and communication technology results, has settled two prestigious awards at the Manufacturing Asia Awards 2023 form held in Singapore. ZTE entered the” China Quality Control Initiative of the Year- Telecommunications” award for its SBA Quality Management Plan, and the” China Workforce Transformation of the Year- Telecommunications” award for its” Oncloud Learning Program- Digital and Intelligent commission of Communication Network Deployment.”

Hosted by Charlton Media Group, the Manufacturing Asia Awards fete companies for outstanding performance and achievements in invention and effectiveness within the telecommunications sector in Asia.

SBA Quality Management Plan Enhances Project Excellence

In Thailand, ZTE’s design platoon enforced the Simplify Best Practise AI( SBA) mode to insure high- quality design delivery. The platoon linked pivotal design control points( S) through the threat database, conducted Stylish Practise Factory sessions to enhance platoon chops( B), and employed AI computing tools for real- time checks( A). This approach minimized homemade crimes, boosted effectiveness, and eased the achievement of client objects.

Before initiating the design, the platoon strictly assessed threat particulars grounded on ZTE’s global and original threat charts, grading them into unconnected, low- threat, and high- threat particulars. Emphasizing crucial control particulars using the SBA quality operation mode, the platoon employed design tools to confirm and validate threat particulars in advance, precluding mortal crimes and perfecting the effectiveness and quality of batch deployment. Accordingly, the total design duration was reduced to 17 of that in homemade mode. The AI tool enhanced checking delicacy to99.3 and real- time performance to 98, minimizing disagreement from homemade checks and elevating overall checking quality and effectiveness.

Through the perpetration of SBA quality control operation mode, intelligent tools, threat charts, and AI, ZTE not only delivered the design one month ahead of schedule but also contributed to the client ranking first in a third- party quality assessment.

Oncloud Learning Program- Digital and Intelligent commission of Communication Network Deployment

ZTE’s Oncloud Learning Program is a lamp of invention in the field of pool metamorphosis. Drawing from the complications of business processes, delivery phases, and colorful work scripts, the program establishes an commission model with a structured approach’ exercise-> exercise-> trial-> practice.’ At its core, the action constructs a comprehensive digital literacy support platform, an commission task operation and control platform, and a digital design dashboard. These factors work synergistically to constantly enhance the capabilities of both associations and labor force.

As a representative case of ZTE’s digital and intelligent service commission, the Oncloud Learning Program has been enforced across thousands of communication engineering systems in over 100 countries and regions encyclopedically. Through this literacy program, the independent completion rate of workers for high- difficulty operations and the acceptance period for design network deployment have seen significant advancements. After further than two times of practical operation and verification, ZTE has achieved a 100 on- schedule corner delivery rate for global network systems, a 45 increase in pall delivery, an on- point independent delivery rate of over 82 by workers, and a 76 rate of on- point high- skill labor force overseas. Accordingly, ZTE’s continuously perfecting design delivery effectiveness has garnered repeated recognition from satisfied guests.

Empowered by digital platforms, the Oncloud Learning Program not only enhances hand capabilities but also drives behavioral metamorphosis. honored as an exemplary digital and intelligent metamorphosis action, the program was awarded the prestigious Beacon Program Award at the 2023 CSTD Enterprise Learning Program Design Competition. This accolade reflects the amicable praise it entered from assiduity experts.

As a motorist of digital frugality, ZTE is committed to erecting an end- to- end intelligent and effective delivery result. likewise, the company is eager to explore a new mode of training telecommunications network bents and contribute to the digital and intelligent metamorphosis of colorful diligence with its own excellent practices, thereby contributing digital and intelligent power to the high- quality development of the frugality and society.

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