2024 Salary Accord Achieved Between Swisscom and Social Partners

In 2024, Swisscom is set to implement a 1.9% salary increase following negotiations with its social partners, namely the trade union syndicom and the employee association transfair. Commencing on April 1, 2024, this increment will benefit around 10,000 Swisscom employees covered by the collective employment agreement.

To address inflation, most employees will receive a general salary boost, with the amount varying based on their position within the salary range. Additionally, a portion of the sum is allocated for individual salary increases. Employees with salaries exceeding the specified range will receive a one-time payment.

Klementina Pejic, Head of Group Human Resources at Swisscom, expressed gratitude for the employees’ dedication in 2023, highlighting the positive outcomes achieved. The salary agreement for the current year aims to acknowledge this commitment, consider inflation, particularly for lower salaries, and reaffirm Swisscom’s commitment to offering market-oriented salaries and appealing fringe benefits.

Daniel Hügli, Head of Sector ICT at the syndicom union, emphasized the significance of the negotiated salary increase in mitigating the loss of purchasing power for employees. The substantial overall share ensures broad employee participation in Swisscom’s success. The annual salary negotiations, made possible by the collective employment agreement, enable the syndicom union to actively contribute to determining the rate of increase.

Marika Schaeren, Head of ICT at transfair, underscored the importance of offsetting inflation in the salary agreement. While aiming for a higher result given Swisscom’s commendable annual results in 2023, which were driven by the employees, the agreed-upon salary increase is deemed an acceptable compromise considering the prevailing market situation.

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