Airtel Launches Budget-Friendly Global Roaming Packs

Bharti Airtel, a leading telecommunications service provider in India, has introduced cost-effective international roaming packages for customers traveling overseas. These new plans cover access to 184 countries, with tariffs starting at just Rs. 133 per day. This pricing makes them a compelling option compared to purchasing local SIM cards abroad. Additionally, these packages offer enhanced data benefits, in-flight connectivity, and round-the-clock customer support.

Airtel has streamlined the process for travelers by eliminating the need to subscribe to multiple packs for different destinations among the 184 countries. Now, customers can simply select the duration of their travel and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity worldwide through a single pack, all at an affordable rate.

Amit Tripathi, Director of Customer Experience and Marketing at Bharti Airtel, stated, “At Airtel, our focus is on addressing customer needs and enhancing convenience. We are pleased to introduce affordable and simplified international roaming packages that provide seamless connectivity for travelers across the globe. These packs offer exceptional value with enhanced benefits, making them a more economical choice compared to local SIMs in many countries. This new offering truly reflects our commitment to delivering value to our customers and empowering them with affordable data and voice services.”

Key features of the new International Roaming Pack include:

  • Affordable packages starting at Rs. 133 per day, undercutting the costs of most local SIM cards.
  • One comprehensive plan covering worldwide travel, simplifying connectivity with a single pack.
  • New features such as auto-renewal, catering to frequent travelers by eliminating the need for multiple purchases and ensuring hassle-free travel via the Airtel Thanks app.

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