Comcast Celebrates Earth Day With Nature-Inspired Xfinity Collection

Harnessing the influence of our platforms and the ingenuity of our storytellers, we strive to educate audiences, shape cultural narratives, and ignite transformative action for the preservation of our Earth.

In commemoration of Earth Day, Comcast presents a meticulously curated assortment of shows, films, documentaries, and podcasts that pay homage to our planet while kindling inspiration among our viewers.

Embark on a journey across Earth’s skies, landscapes, and oceans with Xfinity

Throughout April, Xfinity unveils its Earth Month collection, readily accessible by simply uttering “Earth Day” or “Earth Month” into your Xfinity remote. Delve into an array of captivating titles, thoughtfully categorized by air, land, and sea. Explore riveting science and nature narratives or delve into an uplifting podcast. Among the selection are 25 exceptional documentaries spanning topics from Earth’s wonders to sustainability, including acclaimed pieces like “March of the Penguins” and “Food, Inc.”

Yearning for fresh perspectives?

“Bad River” emerges as a poignant documentary by filmmakers Mary Mazzio and NBA luminary Grant Hill. Exclusively premiering today on the Black Experience on Xfinity channel and Xumo Play, this film chronicles the impassioned struggle of the Bad River Ojibwe, a Native community in Northern Wisconsin, in their quest to safeguard Lake Superior. It’s a stirring testament to defiance and resilience.

Craving awe-inspiring revelations?

Dive into “Secrets of the Octopus,” a newly unveiled National Geographic documentary, narrated by Paul Rudd. Released just in time for Earth Day, this film unveils groundbreaking discoveries showcasing the octopus as a pinnacle of intelligence and complexity in the natural world. Prepare to be spellbound by the astonishing secrets of this remarkable creature.

Longing for timeless classics?

Discover a treasure trove of nature-centric content, including “Planet Earth III” (AMC+), “Otter Dynasty” (Animal Planet), “Big Beasts” (Apple TV+), “A Real Bug’s Life” (Disney+), “Queens” (Disney+, Nat Geo), “Life On Our Planet” (Netflix), and “Chimp Empire” (Netflix).

Seeking solutions?

Join TED Climate host Dan Kwartler as he dissects systemic environmental challenges in concise episodes. From evaluating eco-friendly bag options to envisioning a world sans humans, each installment offers insights into effecting positive change. Learn how minor adjustments in daily routines, community initiatives, and workplace practices can collectively combat climate change.

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