BT Group announces live television technology advance to meet growing client demand

BT Group has unveiled a pioneering new technology, designed to be a more dependable, quality- concentrated and sustainable way of delivering live content over the internet. Multicast- supported Unicast Delivery( MAUD) technology is aimed at perfecting bystander gests and adding the effectiveness of the complex trip that content takes to reach them. Major broadcasters, including the BBC, will be involved in assessing and potentially trialling the technology to support a range of live content.

Unlike traditional ‘ unicast ’ delivery, where each bystander watches the action via a devoted, particular internet sluice, MAUD technology uses’ multicast’ to group those single aqueducts into one participated one, directing it to those that want to watch the action. MAUD has a further significant advantage over’ ordinary’ multicast aqueducts, as its integration is made fully transparent to the player operation. This means happy service providers do not need to modify their client apps to take advantage of this technology- saving time and plutocrat.

Removing the need to elect and serve millions of individual aqueducts to observers mainly increases the effectiveness of content delivery, but also reduces environmental impact and overall costs for broadcasters, Content Delivery Networks( CDNs) and internet providers. MAUD technology uses up to 50 lower bandwidth during peak events, reducing energy operation through the use of smaller caches. By freeing up internet capacity, it’ll help to deliver a advanced quality of experience for both live andnon-live content.

Howard Watson, Chief Security and Networks Officer at BT Group said “ MAUD is a major advance in how we deliver content over the internet. Developed in our world leading labs at Adastral Park in Suffolk, MAUD could be a crucial result to how we manage ever adding business loads. By combining individual aqueducts, MAUD delivers a more dependable, harmonious picture, no matter whether guests are watching over Wi- Fi, fibre or mobile networks. ”

Paolo Pescatore, Author at PP Foresight, said “ Whether it’s the Euros or Eurovision, gaming over Twitch or gigs from Glastonbury, data shows that cult still value the live experience indeed in the on- demand period. With live sports and events driving peak network demand to new heights, it’s great to see invention icing that high- quality, decoration live content can reach the widest possible cult across multiple types of device, and to be possible in an decreasingly environmentally sustainable manner. ”

The launch of MAUD comes as BT Group publishes new exploration that shows the UK public’s appetite for watching live content is undiminished, despite the growing fashionability of on- demand content services. A check into the viewing habits and precedences of the British public set up 90 still consume live content – primarily news and sport – via TV, with further than half doing so at least formerly a day.

Those watching also prioritise their viewing experience; despite new service inventions, further than 9 in 10 observers believe picture quality and trustability are consummate, excelling interactive features, commentary and sluice syncing by nearly3.5 to 1. When it came to sport, observers still favored picture quality and trustability over quiescence – the time it takes for the live action to reach thescreen.i

MAUD was developed by the Content Delivery Research platoon at BT’s Research Labs, grounded at Adastral Park in Suffolk. The thing was to produce a result for effective live streaming that was sensitive to the requirements of the colorful organisations in the content delivery path. The MAUD result was presented to broadcasters at the International Broadcasting Conference in Amsterdam before this time with multicast described by an Analysys Mason paper from September – produced for Ofcom – to be, in principle, the most ‘ technically effective technology for IP- delivery of live content ’.

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