King Joins Telefónica’s Centenary Celebration

King Felipe VI has joined Telefónica in commemorating its Centenary, marking the company’s remarkable journey since its establishment in 1924. In a special video tribute, His Majesty reflects on Telefónica’s pivotal role in Spain’s societal and economic evolution over the past century.

The retrospective journey through Telefónica’s history underscores its significant contribution to Spain’s modernization, with the company witnessing and actively participating in transformative moments. His Majesty, alongside Telefónica, reenacts the historic inauguration of the company’s headquarters on Madrid’s iconic Gran Vía by his great-grandfather, King Alfonso XIII.

A century ago, King Alfonso XIII, accompanied by Estanislao de Urquijo, observed Madrid’s burgeoning growth from the Telefónica building’s terrace. Today, King Felipe stands alongside Telefónica’s current chairman, José María Álvarez-Pallete, symbolizing continuity and progress.

The historic call made by King Alfonso XIII to President Calvin Coolidge of the United States inaugurated a new era of communication in Spain. Now, King Felipe witnesses Telefónica’s ambitious endeavor to spearhead the digital age with the launch of its cutting-edge intelligent telecommunications network, heralded as one of Europe’s finest and globally competitive, as the company bids farewell to its copper legacy.

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