McAfee & Intel Demonstrate AI Deepfake Detection at RSA

McAfee, renowned for its global leadership in online security, has unveiled enhancements to its cutting-edge AI-driven deepfake detection technology at RSA San Francisco. This advancement leverages the potent capabilities of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) within Intel® Core™ Ultra processor-based PCs.

The technology powering McAfee® Deepfake Detector, formerly known as ‘Project Mockingbird’, made waves earlier this year amid growing concerns among consumers regarding the identification of deepfake scams and misinformation. Recent surveys indicate a significant surge in global apprehension, with nearly two-thirds (64%) of individuals expressing greater worries about deepfakes compared to a year ago. Today’s joint announcement with Intel underscores McAfee’s unwavering commitment to furnishing innovative and robust online protection solutions, empowering users to navigate the online realm with confidence.

The collaboration between McAfee and Intel addresses a crucial need within both consumer and societal spheres by aiding individuals in distinguishing reality from fabrication. Contemporary cybercriminals frequently employ AI to manipulate video audio, crafting persuasive deepfake scams. McAfee Deepfake Detector employs sophisticated AI detection methodologies, including transformer-based Deep Neural Network models meticulously trained to identify and alert users when video audio is likely AI-generated or tampered with. At RSA, McAfee is showcasing the substantial performance and privacy enhancements achievable through the utilization of Intel’s AI PC technology.

By harnessing the NPU within Intel Core Ultra processors, McAfee’s AI models execute inference (the analysis and detection of deepfakes) locally, eliminating the necessity to transmit sensitive user data to the cloud. McAfee has observed up to a 300% performance boost on identical models by leveraging the NPU. This heightened performance, coupled with the privacy advantages of local model execution and enhanced battery life, translates into tangible benefits for consumers.

Steve Grobman, McAfee’s Chief Technology Officer, remarked, “Our collaboration with Intel underscores McAfee’s dedication to innovation and customer-centricity. In an era where discerning reality is increasingly challenging due to AI-generated deepfakes, consumers require cutting-edge AI solutions to combat this threat.” Grobman added, “With Intel, we’re taking strides to deliver a seamless and robust customer experience. Leveraging Intel’s Core Ultra processor technology and its NPU, we offer consumers the most advanced generative AI deepfake detection capabilities, all while upholding performance and privacy standards. The ability to conduct detection locally, without the need for cloud analysis, provides consumers with enhanced peace of mind and control over their data.”

Carla Rodríguez, Vice President and General Manager of Ecosystem Partner Enabling at Intel, expressed, “Our collaboration with industry leaders like McAfee underscores our commitment to leveraging AI for positive impact. We’re thrilled to partner with McAfee to introduce innovative solutions like McAfee Deepfake Detector, which harnesses the NPU in Intel Core Ultra processor-based PCs to combat malicious and deceptive deepfakes, all while delivering optimal performance and privacy.”

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