Study by Christian & Timbers Shows CEO Pay Up 7% in Cybersecurity C-Suite

Christian & Timbers, pioneers in tech executive search, have unveiled their latest proprietary study titled “NAVIGATING THE CYBERSECURITY TALENT LANDSCAPE: A COMPREHENSIVE ANALYSIS OF C-SUITE COMPENSATION TRENDS.” Drawing insights from data sourced from over 100 privately held cybersecurity firms, the study delves into the compensation structures for CEOs, CFOs, CROs, CMOs, CPOs, and CTOs spanning the years 2020 to 2024. It meticulously examines how compensation varies based on company size and funding stage, spanning from nascent Series B startups to established enterprises valued between $500 million and $1 billion.

Jeff Christian, CEO of Christian & Timbers, highlights, “In the realm of cyber threats, a battle for talent rages on. Securing and retaining top-tier talent at the executive echelon is paramount. This study furnishes indispensable insights into the trajectory of cybersecurity C-suite compensation, empowering companies to make judicious decisions in talent acquisition and retention strategies.”

Serving as the definitive yardstick, this exclusive study unravels the intricate tapestry of cybersecurity compensation packages. By dissecting compensation trends and patterns, the report arms cybersecurity executives and stakeholders with invaluable intelligence, enabling them to deftly maneuver through the fiercely competitive talent landscape.

The identified compensation trends underscore the pivotal role of operational prowess and innovative acumen in leadership positions within the cybersecurity domain. A profound comprehension of these trends is indispensable for companies aspiring to allure and retain top-tier executive talent in this cutthroat milieu.

Guiding Principles for Attracting and Retaining Cybersecurity Executives: The report doesn’t stop at mere observation but extends actionable recommendations. These include maintaining competitiveness in compensation packages, accentuating non-monetary perks, tailoring compensation structures to suit individual roles, articulating the organization’s value proposition, investing in talent nurturing, and agilely adapting to market dynamics.

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