Network Computing Wins Bronze from ASBPE Northeast

Network Computing, a trusted source for infrastructure news and analysis among IT leaders, is proud to announce its achievement of a Northeast region bronze award from the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) Azbee Awards. These awards are renowned as one of the most competitive programs for trade media. The winning entry, titled “Realities of Enterprise Use of 5G,” excelled in the Online Single Topic Coverage by a Team category.

5G technology holds immense potential to transform corporate connectivity by offering wireless connections without the reliance on traditional cable and wire-based broadband services. However, there are various financial, regulatory, and technical considerations that may hinder its widespread adoption. Network Computing delved into the benefits of 5G as a broadband alternative and the barriers preventing its widespread implementation.

The articles cover a range of topics:

  • “Is Your 5G Service Slow? Join the Club” by Salvatore Salamone, Managing Editor
  • “Can European Telcos Afford 5G and Broadband?” by Bob Wallace, Featured Writer
  • “Private 5G: Not As Scary As You Think” by Zeus Kerravala, Featured Contributor
  • “Fixed Wireless Access: An Enterprise Broadband Alternative” by Wallace
  • “U.S. Firms Face Daunting Challenges with 3G Network Shutdowns Internationally” by Wallace

Sara Peters, Editor-in-Chief of Network Computing, expressed gratitude for the prestigious award, emphasizing the publication’s commitment to providing IT professionals with in-depth insights into key technologies like enterprise 5G usage.

In addition to this accolade, Network Computing is excited to announce a website refresh. This update aims to better serve IT infrastructure professionals and decision-makers by enhancing content organization and coverage of vital technologies such as SD-WAN, SASE, and zero-trust. The refreshed website offers improved navigation, enhanced search functionality, and a Digital Resource Library to facilitate quick access to relevant content.

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