NexFibre: UK’s Fastest Fibre Build, 1M Premises Milestone

nexfibre, a leading next-generation fiber network operator, proudly announces a significant achievement: the connection of one million premises now ready for service. This milestone underscores nexfibre’s rapid progress toward its ambitious objective of reaching five million premises by 2026. With a hefty investment of £1 billion in the UK’s broadband infrastructure this year alone, nexfibre is poised to ignite enduring competition in the fiber access market nationwide.

Remarkably, nexfibre has reached this milestone in a mere 14 months, outpacing all other operators, thanks to its strategic partnership with Virgin Media O2. By the end of 2024, nexfibre is projected to surpass all but the incumbent provider in terms of premises connected, making it the second-largest network provider in just its second year of operation.

Setting itself apart, nexfibre operates solely as a wholesale provider. This singular focus allows it to dedicate its efforts to building and maintaining a cutting-edge, full-fiber infrastructure accessible to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and businesses, ensuring their current and future needs are met. Today, Virgin Media O2 delivers broadband services at speeds of up to 2Gbps across the nexfibre network.

Rajiv Datta, Chief Executive Officer of nexfibre, expresses gratitude for the collective effort that has enabled this milestone and emphasizes nexfibre’s commitment to delivering top-notch digital infrastructure that adds lasting value to communities.

Julia Lopez, the Minister for Data and Digital Infrastructure, applauds this milestone as a significant step toward achieving nationwide gigabit-capable connectivity by 2030. She highlights the importance of both public and private sector investments in expanding high-speed connectivity across the country.

Lutz Schüler, Chief Executive Officer at Virgin Media O2, underscores the partnership’s commitment to rapid and sustainable expansion in the full-fiber market, ensuring millions more homes and businesses can benefit from next-generation gigabit services.

With strong backing from Infravia Capital Partners, Liberty Global, and Telefónica, nexfibre is well-equipped to serve as a long-term wholesale operator on a national scale. Its role in advancing the government’s connectivity agenda across the UK is pivotal, cementing its position as a key player in the nation’s digital future.

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