PCTEL Streamlines Commissioning Tests for Indoor Public Safety Radio Systems

PCTEL, Inc., a subsidiary of Amphenol, has unveiled a cutting-edge commissioning test automation system designed to streamline the installation of code-compliant Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs). These BDAs play a crucial role in ensuring reliable in-building communication coverage for first responders.

The newly introduced BDA commissioning test system by PCTEL automates essential tests required for compliance with regulatory standards such as FCC, NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), IFC (International Fire Code), and guidelines provided by BDA manufacturers. The system features an intuitive grading system that delivers instant feedback on test outcomes. Once the testing phase is completed, PCTEL’s system automatically generates comprehensive documentation, facilitating a thorough review of results to confirm proper commissioning.

By automating the intricate tests associated with BDA commissioning, PCTEL accelerates the commissioning process, making it accessible to a wider range of individuals while ensuring accuracy in testing procedures. Proper commissioning is critical, as inadequately commissioned BDAs may exhibit unreliable performance and potentially interfere with outdoor public safety radio communications.

James Zik, Vice President of Test and Measurement Product Management at PCTEL, highlighted the significance of automated commissioning tests in meeting the growing demands of local jurisdictions requiring buildings to adhere to public safety radio coverage standards. Zik stated, “Automated commissioning tests will remove another key pain point for building owners and public safety officials alike.” PCTEL’s public safety network testing solution, combined with the SeeHawk™ Central cloud platform, now supports both commissioning and coverage tests, offering a comprehensive solution for the entire testing, reporting, and approvals process.

These BDA commissioning tests seamlessly integrate with PCTEL’s existing public safety network testing system and the SeeHawk™ Central cloud-based automated workflow management platform. SeeHawk™ Central further simplifies the process by enabling centralized planning of tests, reviewing results, and automatic submission of results to public safety officials for approval. Public safety agencies can conveniently monitor the outcomes of both in-building coverage and BDA commissioning tests through the SeeHawk™ Central platform, accessible with a complimentary account. This integrated approach aims to enhance efficiency and compliance in the critical domain of public safety communication.

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