Petronas & CelcomDigi Partner for 5G Energy Sector Transformation

PETRONAS and CelcomDigi Join Forces to Drive Digital Transformation and Sustainability in Energy Sector with 5G

PETRONAS and CelcomDigi have teamed up to spearhead digital transformation and sustainability initiatives within the energy industry, leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of 5G technology.

Formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the collaboration was sealed by Aadrin Azly, PETRONAS’ Vice President of Group Technology and Commercialisation; Albern Murty, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CelcomDigi; and Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gentari and Chief Executive Officer of Gentari Green Mobility. Mohd Yusri Mohamed Yusof, PETRONAS’ Senior Vice President of Project Delivery and Technology, also graced the signing ceremony with his presence.

This strategic collaboration, spanning two years, aims to explore innovative techno-digital initiatives utilizing 5G technology to drive continuous enhancements across PETRONAS’ operational landscape. Additionally, the partnership will delve into integrating clean energy solutions into CelcomDigi’s enterprise offerings, fostering their adoption among Malaysian businesses.

Aadrin Azly, PETRONAS’ Vice President of Group Technology and Commercialisation, emphasized PETRONAS’ pivotal role in advancing Malaysia’s technological prowess and international standing in innovation. He highlighted PETRONAS’ pioneering adoption of 5G technology for enterprise, exemplified by the successful implementation of a 5G private network at its Regasification Terminal Sungai Udang (RGTSU), which led to notable operational efficiency gains.

Azly further expressed the partnership’s potential to amplify the benefits of 5G for both enterprise and the broader community. He envisions establishing a resilient network infrastructure capable of meeting the escalating demand for high-speed internet access within the oil and gas sector.

Albern Murty, Deputy CEO of CelcomDigi, hailed the MoU as an opportunity to expedite the modernization of oil and gas operations through 5G connectivity. He highlighted the collaborative efforts between CelcomDigi and PETRONAS over the past five years, culminating in the deployment of private 4G LTE networks on offshore platforms and the successful testing of digital use cases. Murty underscored PETRONAS’ receptiveness to innovative approaches and its pivotal role in driving continuous testing and implementation efforts.

Looking ahead, Murty expressed enthusiasm for scaling up 5G-driven enhancements across various business domains, leveraging real-time connectivity and data analytics to optimize operations and advance shared clean energy goals within the oil and gas sector.

The collaboration between PETRONAS and CelcomDigi builds upon their longstanding partnership initiated in 2019 with the implementation of the first private 4G LTE network on Angsi, one of PETRONAS’ largest offshore platforms. Subsequent collaborations have seen 21 offshore platforms fully connected with 4G, alongside infrastructure improvements in PETRONAS plants to bolster digital solutions’ operational efficiency.

The latest milestone involves the deployment of a comprehensive private 5G network on Kasawari Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), PETRONAS’ flagship offshore platform near Sarawak. Leveraging 5G technology and industry best practices, Kasawari will serve as a testing ground for innovative 5G use cases, driving digital innovation within the sector. Successful outcomes from these initiatives will pave the way for PETRONAS to modernize its operations swiftly and implement new sustainability practices across its network of connected offshore platforms.

In essence, the robust partnership between PETRONAS and CelcomDigi sets a solid foundation for accelerating digital adoption, driving transformative changes, and fostering sustainability within the energy industry.

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