SK Telecom Certified in International AI Management

SK Telecom (NYSE:SKM, “SKT”) has proudly announced its reception of the ISO/IEC 42001 certification, a prestigious international standard for AI management systems.

Crafted in collaboration between the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the ISO/IEC 42001 standard offers comprehensive guidance to businesses and organizations on the ethical and responsible utilization of AI. It provides a robust framework for the development and deployment of AI systems within an AI assurance ecosystem, ensuring adherence to ethical principles.

The certification process involves a meticulous evaluation of an organization’s AI management systems, encompassing various facets such as AI policy formulation, AI risk assessment and management, evaluation of AI’s impact, compliance with AI ethics, regulatory responsiveness, and transparency in AI management procedures.

SKT’s attainment of the ISO/IEC 42001 certification marks a significant milestone, affirming its commitment to implementing rigorous AI risk management practices founded on principles of reliability and stability.

In January 2024, SKT took proactive steps to integrate AI governance into its corporate structure, aiming to foster sustainable value creation through the ethical deployment of AI technology and transparent decision-making processes. This initiative led to the establishment of a dedicated AI governance unit, overseen by the Chief Governance Officer, entrusted with the task of developing robust AI governance protocols and fostering collaboration with other organizational entities.

In March, SKT unveiled its AI governance principle, dubbed “T.H.E. AI,” which encapsulates its commitment to ethical AI practices. The acronym stands for “by Telco, for Humanity, with Ethics AI,” serving as a guiding ethos for the company’s global endeavors in AI, rooted in its telecommunications heritage.

Jung Jai-hun, Chief Governance Officer of SKT, expressed confidence that the acquisition of this esteemed international standard certification will bolster the company’s reputation as a trusted AI enterprise, fostering enhanced communication with stakeholders based on principles of trust and safety.

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