Portraying office Situation Comedy, Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison and Ernest Prakasa Bring Back Web Series’ Kalau Jodoh Takkan Kemana ’

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison( Indosat or IOH) is presenting the web series named’ Kalau Jodoh Takkan Kemana( KJTK)’ season 2. In collaboration with Ernest Prakasa and Imajinari product house, the web series can be watched on the Indosat’s YouTube channel starting December 6, 2023.
This series consists of eight occurrences and is directed by the talented youthful director, Naya Anindita, who brings a different touch to season 2. With a decade of experience as a director in colorful pictures and web series, season 2 emphasizes visual art and narrative quality. Each occasion presents a fresh and amusing story that’s designedly to keep the followership’s curiosity.

Steve Saerang, SVP- Head of Corporate Dispatches at Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison, stated,” We’re bringing back the content series Kalau Jodoh Takkan Kemana season 2 due to the high enthusiasm of the followership. In the first season, this series was watched by further than two million observers. This content series is a form of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison’s support for the creative assiduity, especially the film sector, and a commitment to furnishing world- class digital content services to all guests. The story presented in the KJTK Season 2 also depicts the progressive, inclusive, and dynamic culture and value of working terrain at Indosat. We ’re hoping that this series can enhance the company’s image in the public and farther establish Indosat’s position as a digital trendsetter in the assiduity. ”

The broadcast of the sitcom web series’ Kalau Jodoh Takkan Kemana( KJTK)’ Season 2 is anticipated to reach a wider followership. KJTK Season 2 aims to serve as an omni- channel medium for Indosat in promoting a series of new or ongoing programs to the public through fluently accessible and massive channels. enwrapping the position of Executive Producers, Indosat’s operation also adding some studies to company’s vision, charge, and values are captured in an audio visual contents that will be appreciated by the followership.

Ernest Prakasa, the Patron and proprietor of Imajinari Production House overseeing KJTK Season 1, expressed his joy, saying,” I’m thankful to Indosat for their trust and support that brought us to the product of KJTK Season 2. In festivity of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison’s 56th anniversary, we founded by transubstantiating KJTK from a romantic comedy to a sitcom. With this change, we aim to give a unique and amusing collaboration between Indosat and Imajinari. We hope the followership enjoys this new format.”

Continuing the excitement from the first season, KJTK Season 2 tells the love life and challenges of Satha in her new position. Behind the pleasurable office duties, there are business liabilities that make it delicate for Satha to manage time with the Trio. observers are also introduced to new characters in Satha’s world, similar as Bams’ caring and jealous gal, Miza, and Rasya as Satha’s shy staff who’s embarrassed by her conspicuous accentuation but frequently rambles when angry, as well as Stevie, the intern who frequently comes up with out- of- the- box ideas.

In addition to featuring familiar characters from Season 1, similar as Trio( Chicco Kurniawan), Satha( Nadine Alexandra), Bams( Ge Pamungkas), Correspondence( Yono Bakrie), Laras( Leyla Aderina), and Dre( Lukas Octavianus), several new characters will be introduced in Season 2. Other well- known cast members like Valen Rewah, Boah Sartika, Desy Genoveva, and Kezia Aletheia will add to the excitement. Do not miss the horselaugh and love of KJTK Season 2 on the sanctioned Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison YouTube channel, and follow all other sanctioned Indosat social media accounts.
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