Renewal of Global Services Outsourcing Agreement between KPN and iBASIS

iBASIS, a prominent provider of communication solutions for global operators and digital entities, along with KPN, the leading telecom company in the Netherlands, have announced the renewal of their outsourcing agreement for Voice and Mobile services for the next three years. Following its divestiture by KPN in 2019, iBASIS and its dedicated global team have continued to deliver top-notch services to KPN, leveraging the strategic group consolidation and economy of scale approach of its parent company, Tofane Global. Key factors such as cost stability, capacity planning, and fraud prevention have played a pivotal role in supporting the growth of traffic for the Dutch operator.

This renewal underscores the success of iBASIS’ model and the enduring relationship in managing KPN’s international traffic expansion, including collaborative efforts in IPX to address the surge in mobile data traffic. iBASIS has reported an impressive 80% year-on-year growth in Diameter traffic, contributing significantly to KPN’s ability to provide reliable, high-speed data roaming services to its subscribers. The scalability of the network has proven crucial in meeting the escalating demands of 4G and 5G mobile data roaming, encompassing traffic peaks attributed to the proliferation of M2M connections.

Michel van Wissen, Executive Vice President, Wholesale at KPN, expressed confidence in iBASIS as a trusted partner for the past six years, managing international voice and mobile services. Leveraging iBASIS’ consolidation model and economies of scale, nearly 100% of KPN’s voice business is outsourced to iBASIS. The focus on delivering quality, transparency, and actionable business insights through iBASIS’ partner program has been instrumental in cementing the partnership for another three years.

The outsourcing of international voice and mobile services allows KPN to concentrate on its retail and wholesale business, along with technological initiatives associated with the development of these segments.

Edwin van Ierland, CEO of iBASIS Voice & Mobile Data, emphasized the strong and mutually beneficial relationship with KPN, positioning iBASIS not just as a supplier but as a growth partner. The renewal reflects the excellence of their relationship, marked by transparency and open communication. It also underscores the effectiveness of the outsourcing model chosen by KPN.

Alexandre Pébereau, Group CEO and Founder of Tofane Global, highlighted the three-year renewal as the recognition of iBASIS/Tofane’s past and future excellence, driven by their unique combination of scale, innovation, and entrepreneurship. The performance of iBASIS is acknowledged by industry assessments, including being ranked by 227 MNOs as the top Tier One International Voice Carrier for various categories in 2023.

This affirmation positions iBASIS as a top-tier player in the international voice carrier landscape, showcasing their commitment to performance, innovation, and providing a robust global communication platform.

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