Revolutionizing Remote Reality Racing with Quectel

Are you a fan of racing games? Racing games, known for their competitive edge, not only deliver the adrenaline rush of speed and excitement in the virtual realm but also serve as a means for players to unwind and relieve stress, making them immensely popular among the younger demographic.

Traditional racing games have captured the hearts of many with their lifelike physics engines and intricately designed tracks. However, with the rapid advancement of 5G technology and the burgeoning popularity of esports, players now seek heightened authenticity and immersion in their racing experiences, leading to the emergence of remote reality racing games.

Pioneering Gameplay Redefining Racing Experiences

Polyptik, a prominent French game publisher, in collaboration with Quectel, has introduced Vrombr, the world’s first remote reality racing game for mobile devices. Powered by Quectel’s RM520N-GL 5G module and RMU500EK evaluation board (EVB) kit, Vrombr ensures high-speed, low-latency communication, enabling global racers to indulge in the game directly through their smartphones. This innovative approach allows players to enjoy the thrill of controlling real cars on authentic tracks from anywhere in the world.

What sets remote reality racing games apart? Unlike conventional video racing games, they seamlessly integrate with the real world. Players can remotely maneuver scaled-down versions of actual racing cars via their smartphones, engaging in real-time races on meticulously crafted tracks, thereby delivering an authentic racing experience.

Vrombr’s showcase at various partner events, including O2/Telefonica in Germany, Orange at MWC in Barcelona, VivaTech in Paris, and Berlin Deutsche Telekom’s 5G EAP, not only highlights its groundbreaking advancements in racing games but also underscores the vast potential of 5G technology within the gaming sphere.

High-Speed, Low-Latency Connectivity for Seamless Gaming

Smooth operation of remote reality racing games hinges on maintaining high-speed, low-latency communication between physical racing cars and players, a feat made possible by 5G modules.

The RM520N-GL, integrated into Vrombr, is a 5G module compliant with the 3GPP R16 standard, developed on the Qualcomm X62 5G platform. With features like ultra-high bandwidth, millisecond-level latency, and 5G network slicing, it ensures seamless gameplay. Moreover, its compatibility with LTE-A and 3G networks guarantees uninterrupted connectivity, even in areas with unstable 5G coverage.

Certified globally, the RM520N-GL empowers Vrombr players worldwide to enjoy uninterrupted gaming experiences.

Simplified Design, Expedited Launch

Apart from its stellar performance, the Quectel RM520N-GL integrates a GNSS receiver, simplifying product design while enhancing positioning accuracy and speed. Additionally, built-in network protocols, PCIe 3.0, and USB 3.1 interfaces streamline the design process for remote control racing cars.

During Vrombr’s development, Polyptik opted for the Quectel RMU500EK evaluation kit to expedite deployment, further simplifying terminal design. Quectel’s comprehensive technical support ensured seamless integration, accelerating Vrombr’s launch.

As 5G technology revolutionizes various industries, applications like remote reality racing games bring unprecedented innovation to gaming and entertainment. Quectel remains committed to partnering with industry leaders like Polyptik to propel digital intelligence across diverse sectors through innovative solutions.

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