Singtel, SIM & UOB Craft Cyber Scam Prep Program for 1,000 Staff

Singtel Cyber Security Institute (CSI), SIM Academy (SIM), and UOB have jointly unveiled a pioneering initiative named “Defence Against Cyber Scams,” tailored to enhance the skills of UOB’s frontline branch staff, totaling over 1,000 employees.

This collaborative effort between Singtel CSI and SIM is part of a broader strategy to empower employees within large enterprises, with an initial focus on the financial sector. The comprehensive programme spans more than 16 hours, featuring interactive workshops, tabletop exercises, and assessments. It equips participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent, identify, and combat various scams, thereby bolstering their resilience against evolving cyber threats.

Led by seasoned trainers from Singtel and SIM, the programme offers customization options to meet specific enterprise requirements. Eligible participants can benefit from subsidies of up to 90% of the course fees provided by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). Singtel CSI’s designation as one of SSG’s key industry players underscores its commitment to fostering skills development and facilitating business transformation.

Mr. Ng Tian Chong, CEO of Singtel Singapore, emphasized the critical need for enterprises to confront increasingly sophisticated scams utilizing techniques such as artificial intelligence and social engineering. He underscored the program’s role in arming both consumers and enterprises with the necessary skills to safeguard vital assets and reputation in an era dominated by digital interactions.

In its inaugural iteration, the programme was tailored collaboratively by UOB alongside experts from Singtel and SIM. It integrates SIM’s sense-making approach, which delves into perpetrator mindsets and defensive strategies, alongside UOB’s SPOT framework, designed to identify and counter scams effectively.

Mr. Seah Chin Siong, President and CEO of the Singapore Institute of Management, highlighted the program’s contribution to national cybersecurity objectives. He emphasized Singtel’s recognized leadership in cybersecurity, affirming the program’s robustness in preparing enterprises to navigate digital threats effectively.

Acknowledging the collective responsibility in cybersecurity, Mr. Dan Yock Hau, Assistant Chief Executive (National Cyber Resilience) at the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, commended the collaborative efforts of Singtel, SIM, and UOB in complementing the government’s initiatives against scams.

Ms. Janet Young, Managing Director and Group Head at UOB, reiterated the bank’s commitment to safeguarding customers’ assets. She emphasized the importance of empowering frontline employees to recognize and respond effectively to evolving scam tactics, thus strengthening the bank’s overall defense mechanisms.

The workshops, developed jointly by Singtel, SIM, and UOB, cover a range of common scam scenarios encountered by UOB’s frontline staff. Through simulations and expert-led discussions, participants gain insights into scammers’ methodologies and learn anti-scam strategies aligned with regulatory guidelines.

As a leading bank in Asia, UOB remains proactive in managing scam and fraud risks across all touchpoints. Regular training sessions enhance frontline staff’s awareness and capabilities in detecting and mitigating scam and fraud instances effectively.

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