STC Group Leads Digital Transformation at LEAP 2024

stc Group, a global pioneer in digital transformation, has recently concluded its impactful participation as the primary strategic partner and exhibitor at LEAP 2024, the world’s premier tech event.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to digital innovation beyond mere connectivity, stc Group showcased advanced technological solutions in key domains such as health, logistics, megaprojects, and sports during the event. The company also highlighted its expanding influence by announcing strategic agreements and partnerships with industry leaders:

  1. Oracle Alloy: Introducing a new sovereign cloud platform, stc Group will offer over 100 Oracle cloud services, facilitating enterprises to leverage hyperscale cloud services while meeting data residency and sovereignty requirements.
  2. Ericsson: The partnership featured the world’s inaugural physical esport, “HADO,” fusing augmented reality (AR) and physical movement to showcase the potential of 5G technology and cloud gaming.
  3. Huawei: Strengthening stc Group’s growth ambitions, this strategic alliance focuses on developing new business portfolios with innovative solutions in fintech and app development.
  4. GalaxySpace: Collaborating on a space-to-ground integrated network, the partnership aims to explore Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) and direct-to-device satellite technologies.
  5. Bolttech: Exploring IoT-enabled solutions beyond mobile devices, the partnership aims to embed these solutions in various aspects of a customer’s digital lifestyle, including home appliances, health electronics, and cyber assets.
  6. Cisco: Signing multiple agreements, stc and Cisco collaborate to modernize and unify the existing Network Operations Center (NOC) and enhance stc Academy services through knowledge sharing and learning programs.

Locally, stc Group has forged strategic agreements with PSDSARC, Prince Sultan Center for Defence Studies, Flynas, and Skyfive. These agreements range from instilling digital thinking and developing analytical capabilities to equipping Flynas’s A320 fleet with advanced A2G solutions, providing passengers with seamless access to in-flight Wi-Fi services.

stc Group also presented a series of impressive exhibitions at LEAP 2024, showcasing its technological prowess. The Digital Stadium exhibition depicted the future of sports stadiums and enhanced fan experiences, while the Logistics exhibit demonstrated how stc Group solutions streamline processes from manufacturing to retail and even mining zones.

The Digital City exhibition underscored stc Group’s vision, showcasing services and solutions empowering the digital operations of Saudi Arabia’s mega projects. This included smart city navigation solutions, the future of connectivity, and infrastructure standardization. Additionally, the Health-tech exhibition presented cutting-edge solutions in population health management and virtual clinics.

As a proud partner and longstanding sponsor of LEAP, stc Group’s participation and groundbreaking agreements reaffirm its dedication to fostering digital innovation and connectivity.

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