World’s First Successful 5G SA roving Test by AIS- Sunrise Switzerland- T- Mobile US

T-Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier have completed successful testing of 5G Standalone( 5G SA) roving, using Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Security Edge Protection Proxy( SEPP) to complete the world’s first hosted SEPP 5G SA roving T- Mobile US and Sunrise and a direct SEPP to SEPP interconnect with AIS Thailand.
Why it matters 5G SA roving subventions guests on sharing networks the capability to travel internationally and continue penetrating the stylish 5G experience available with 5G SA.
Who it’s for Domestic & International network providers who want to offer their guests enhanced roving capabilities with 5G SA while traveling.
It’s a small world after all! T- Mobile US( NASDAQ TMUS) and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier blazoned moment the two companies are working to make it possible to pierce 5G Standalone( 5G SA) networks worldwide with 5G SA roving. After months of collaboration, T- Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier are the first in the world to successfully test roving on a 5G SA network. The program used Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s Internet Protocol Exchange( IPX) and Hosted Security Edge Protection Proxy( SEPP) results with sharing carriers Sunrise and AIS Thailand, successfully completing 5G SA roving between theU.S. and Switzerland and theU.S. and Thailand.

“ 5G SA roving changes the veritably meaning of staying connected while abroad, ” said Ulf Ewaldsson, President of Technology at T- Mobile US. “ Our guests formerly enjoy inconceivable roving benefits in further than 215 countries and destinations, and 5G SA roving opens the door for indeed briskly pets and increased trustability, enables arising technologies like network slicing and will insure the experience our guests have at home on our network travels with them virtually anywhere. ”

5G SA roving and the testing fulfilled by T- Mobile, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, Sunrise and AIS Thailand are leading the assiduity in terms of roving capabilities and, while not commercially available yet, are the natural coming way in perfecting the mobile experience while traveling and conducting business operations abroad.

Then are just a many of the benefits 5G SA roving will give as the technology is espoused

Enhanced client Experience 5G SA roving networks will offer briskly pets, lower quiescence, and advanced capacity compared toNon-Standalone( NSA) networks. SA roving translates to a superior client experience for subscribers, no matter the operation, while roving.
Global Reach and Connectivity With 5G SA roving, drivers can expand their reach and offer flawless high- speed connectivity to their subscribers in foreign countries. This is particularly important for trippers
and businesses with transnational operations.
Enhanced Support for Emerging Technologies 5G SA networks can enable new and arising technologies to perform at their stylish, similar as stoked reality, virtual reality, IoT operations, network slicing, private networks and further.
IoT and Enterprise Services SA roving is pivotal for supporting massive IoT deployments and critical IoT operations. Enterprises that calculate on real- time data for their operations can profit significantly from SA roving capabilities.
“ Our Hosted SEPP capability has proven veritably successful during our PoC phase last time and we’re thrilled to now enter the specialized readiness phase together with T- Mobile US, Sunrise, and AIS, ” said Nicholas Nikrouyan, Vice President, Voice & Mobile results at Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier.

“ translucency was our main guiding principle for 5G SA roving to insure that all drivers are open and completely aligned with the necessary 5G security conditions. We look forward to continuing support of T- Mobile US as it develops its 5G SA roving interconnections, as well as drinking fresh driver mates abroad who prefer the convenience of setting up and maintaining their 5G SA roving services. ”

Saran Phaloprakarn, Head of Mobile and Consumer Products Department at AIS said” erecting on our former success, the collaboration between AIS, Sunrise, and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has enabled us to conduct successful 5G SA roving testing with T- Mobile US efficiently. This marks a significant corner in enhancing the stylish digital communication experience for AIS guests and our mate’s guests traveling abroad. 5G SA roving will grease high- speed data transmission efficiently, accommodating a wide range of operations. We take great pride in this cooperative trouble among service providers in three regions Asia, North America, and Europe, as it’ll unleash and enhance inflexibility for each stoner.”

With another technological corner reached, T- Mobile US and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier are offering a trial program for interested parties to skewer their 5G SA roving requirements and can interrogate for further information then.

T- Mobile is the leader in 5G, delivering the America’s largest, fastest and most awarded 5G network. TheUn-carrier’s 5G network covers 326 million people across two million square long hauls. 285 million people civil are covered by T- Mobile’ssuper-fast Ultra Capacity 5G, and theUn-carrier plans to reach 300 million people with Ultra Capacity this time — nearly everyone in the country.

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