Collaboration Between uAvionix and Viasat: Enabling Worldwide Communication for UAVs

Viasat, Inc., a prominent figure in satellite communications on a global scale, has revealed a new partnership with uAvionix, a trailblazer in certified avionics for both manned and unmanned flight. This collaboration sees uAvionix becoming a part of Viasat’s Velaris Partner Network.

This alliance stems from a strategic agreement between the two companies to craft products and services catering to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) market. uAvionix has commenced the integration of Viasat’s Velaris module into its compact muLTElink airborne radio system. The Velaris module, fueled by Viasat’s expansive L-band network, delivers secure and resilient communications for commercial UAVs. It facilitates real-time monitoring essential for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) UAV operations, seamlessly blending into commercial airspace.

uAvionix’s system incorporates C-band, LTE, ISM, and Viasat L-band technologies, meticulously overseeing and managing each data link via a DO-377A Link Executive Manager (LEM). Moreover, it automatically registers aircraft with uAvionix’s SkyLine Cloud Managed BVLOS service. SkyLine stands out as the premier cloud-based command and control network, offering fleet management, network health monitoring, detect & avoid capabilities, and seamless make-before-break roaming across multiple radio networks and ground stations. This purpose-built system prioritizes safety in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) scenarios.

During the 2023 system integration testing phase, uAvionix successfully configured and integrated a Velaris development terminal with its SkyLine system. Impressively, it established a “very stable streaming connection” within a matter of days.

Cyriel Kronenburg, VP Aviation Networks at uAvionix, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “uAvionix successfully flew with Velaris connectivity in northern Montana. Notably, where the LTE radio had good performance on the ground before take-off, and the SkyLink C-band ISM radios had good performance while in our area of operations, the satcom let us close the gap by providing phenomenal performance with a very stable streaming connection while enroute from the airport to our deployed SkyStations. It’s a huge testament to the ease of use of satcom and how supportive the Viasat team has been.”

Joel Klooster, SVP, Flight Safety and AAM at Viasat, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “uAvionix is a highly respected and innovative avionics and software company. This partnership formalizes a number of initiatives and programs the two companies are collaborating on, and we look forward to future projects. uAvionix has a proven track record of developing cutting-edge technology for the aviation industry, and our combined expertise will lead to even more advancements in the field.

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