Peacock Innovates Viewing Experience for Paris Olympic Games

Kelly Campbell, President of Peacock and Direct-to-Consumer at NBCUniversal, announced that following the Paris Olympic Games, the platform will introduce new features to enhance the viewing experience for other live events. These innovations aim to further distinguish Peacock in the realm of interactive entertainment and advertising.

Peacock Live Actions

Introducing Peacock Live Actions, a cutting-edge interactive tool empowering fans to personalize their viewing journey during live and primetime coverage. With this feature, viewers can select and follow the events they are most passionate about.

During the Paris Olympic Games, Peacock Live Actions will debut in programs like Gold Zone, a newly announced live whip-around show running from 7am to 5pm ET. Gold Zone will deliver continuous coverage of the most captivating moments, and through Peacock Live Actions prompts, viewers can opt to switch to live feeds of specific events, diverging from the Gold Zone coverage.

Furthermore, Peacock Live Actions will enable NBC Primetime simulcast viewers to add upcoming events to their “My Stuff” list for later viewing.

Peacock Discovery Multiview

For viewers grappling with up to 40 simultaneous live events, Peacock Discovery Multiview offers a groundbreaking solution. This enhanced four-view experience provides real-time on-screen descriptions from NBCU’s Olympic experts, guiding users to pivotal moments such as medal events, elimination risks, or debut performances by Olympians. Additionally, a traditional Multiview mode showcasing up to four matches on one screen will be available for sports like soccer, track & field, and wrestling.

Both Multiview options allow users to navigate between screens, switch audio channels, and expand to full-screen mode for immersive viewing. Peacock will offer up to four Multiview options concurrently, granting fans the flexibility to choose their preferred viewing experience.

Peacock will pioneer the Multiview experience as a standalone streaming app across various platforms including smart TVs, streaming devices, web browsers, and tablets. The feature will undergo testing during select events this spring.

Experience the Olympic Games Paris 2024 on Peacock

In addition to these groundbreaking features, Peacock will provide a user-friendly Olympics destination catering to every type of fan, from avid enthusiasts to casual observers. Key features of Peacock’s Olympics hub include:

  • Prominent spotlight on major live events upon entering the Olympics hub.
  • A “Browse by Sport” rail enabling quick access to live events, highlights, and replays for favorite competitions. Seamless navigation allows users to switch between different sports hubs effortlessly.
  • A new “Search by Star Athlete” feature facilitating discovery of live events or replays featuring favorite athletes, whether individual competitors or part of team sports. Fans can also search by sport, event, team, country names, or three-letter country codes.
  • An enhanced Interactive Schedule empowering fans to plan their Olympics viewing day-by-day, join live events, watch replays, or add events to their “My Stuff” for later viewing.
  • Up-to-date Medal Standings sponsored by Delta for tracking every country competing in Paris.
  • Peacock’s acclaimed “Catch Up with Key Plays” feature, previously available for soccer and now expanded to include basketball and golf, allowing fans to easily access pivotal moments during in-progress games or revisit favorite plays.

As the most comprehensive Olympics streaming destination in U.S. media history, Peacock will offer live coverage of all events, all NBC programming, replays, clips, and more.

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