Silver Star Elevates First Call Resolution by 83 Percent While Surpassing Growth Plans in Record Time, Earning Calix ‘ Giant of Client Service and Support ’ Award

Calix, Inc.( NYSE CALX) recognized its client, Silver Star Dispatches( Silver Star), with a 2023 Calix Inventions Award, feting them as a “ mammoth of Client Service and Support. ” The award spotlights Silver Star for maintaining client support excellence while growing fleetly across Idaho and western Wyoming.
Silver Star lately completed a$ 100 million fiber-optical network expansion in five times rather of the anticipated 10, getting the first broadband service provider( BSP) to deliver 10G service in Wyoming with an XGS- PON network. A Calix client for further than a decade, Silver Star leverages the Calix platform and award-winning Calix client Success Services( client Success) to give superior client support that contributes to exceptional subscriber gests .

Along with support and training from client Success, Silver Star leverages deep data and perceptivity in Calix Service Cloud on the Calix platform to advance subscriber visibility and ameliorate functional edge for their client support platoon. With deeper data-driven perceptivity, Silver Star’s client service representatives( CSRs) increased their first call resolution rate 83 percent while reducing gratuitous truck rolls by 41 percent — leading to a better experience for their subscribers and lesser functional effectiveness for their business.

“ client service is consummate to us. In the event of network issues or trouble calls, it’s vital that we resolve them with minimum dislocation, ” said Barbara Sessions, chairman at Silver Star. “ For over a century, Silver Star has prioritized furnishing exceptional client support. By using the Calix platform and guidance from the client Success platoon at Calix, we’ve expanded our network in record time while maintaining the position of service excellence our subscribers anticipate. ”

This client-centric growth strategy underscores Silver Star’s commitment to instituting for their community, a tradition that spans an emotional 111 times. Silver Star leverages the Calix platform to grow their business and maintain a high position of client support by

working subscriber issues 35 percent briskly and reducing tackle reserves. With the help of Calix Premier client Success and Calix Business perceptivity Services( a client Success program) tableware Star formalized troubleshooting processes using Service Pall. This led to a better subscriber experience, enabling CSRs to break issues 35 percent briskly and cut the number of needed tackle reserves 14 percent.
Cutting call running time by one nanosecond thanks to no “ swivel president ” detainments. Service brigades frequently face detainments and strain due to “ swinging ” between multiple tools for troubleshooting. Through a cooperation between Calix and National Information Results Cooperative’s( NISC) iVUE trouble operation system, common guests like Silver Star can streamline CSR workflows to more fluently access information, reducing average call running time by at least one nanosecond.
Engaging 74 percent more subscribers in using their ingrained mobile app. Silver Star launched their subscriber-facing mobile app, erected on CommandIQ ®, in 2020, with two crucial managed services home network cybersecurity( ProtectIQ ®) and advanced home network operation( ExperienceIQ ®). In the once time, 74 percent more subscribers have started using the app to manage and cover their home network, conduct speed tests, and use tone-service options.
“ Edge on the Calix platform, like the NISC cooperation, have enabled our client support platoon to break subscriber issues briskly without putting further strain on our CSRs ’ day-to-day, ” said Sessions. “ While we expand our business into new requests, optimizing our client support processes has enabled us to free up coffers to pour back into our community with several literacy and donations that profit original youth. We’re recognized to be honored by Calix for raising the bar on subscriber support. ”

“ We proudly present tableware Star Dispatches with the 2023 ‘ titans of Client Service and Support ’ award, ” said John Durocher, principal client officer at Calix. “ tableware Star delivers service excellence by using our platform and managed services to give client support that differentiates their brand as they expand their service home. especially, their fidelity to simplifying support operations contributes to an enhanced experience for both the support platoon and subscribers offering further visionary care and moxie for faster resolution. Silver Star’s significant focus on community engagement through literacy and donations showcases how their care extends beyond furnishing coming-position broadband service to appreciatively impacting their community, platoon, and guests. We’re pleased to be their mate for close to two decades and look forward to continuing to support their success. ”

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